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Any items at TwistGuild can be purchased by setting up an account at; we do hope to add other credit cards in the future, but accept only PayPal at this time.


When purchasing items at TwistGuild, there are two points to consider for returns. Items listed under the "Modern" category, (in other words, not vintage clothing or leather goods) have one week before a decision about return/keeping must be made. You can notify us by email at or telephone 952-920-5915. Email is checked several times a day; obviously that is the most economical way for you to notify us of your intentions. And finally, (no exceptions on this) the definition of "return" for a modern item is that the package must be postmarked within 7 days.

The policy is somewhat different for items in the "Vintage" category. For vintage items, please notify us of your intention to return the item within 24 hours. In other words, try it on, style it with your accessories, even show it to your BFF and if you decide to return it, either call or email us within the 24 hour window. The reason for the short time span for vintage items is due to the overwhelming popularity of vintage items. Sorry to be so tough...but you know how a few bad actors can ruin things for everyone.

Whether modern or vintage, we promise that everything you receive will be in great condition; several pairs of eyes inspect every item we sell, including linings, seams, hems, etc. Any item needing cleaning will be cleaned and ready to wear.

In addition, it is unusual for us to accept any item for sale that is not in pristine condition. We have found that any imperfection is usually just not worth the trouble; those of us who take care of our clothing, leather goods and textiles really don't want to use something worn or damaged. If an item on the website has any imperfection, we are always careful to convey this in our description and in pictures and it will be priced accordingly. Our aim is that there should be no surprises!

And finally, we do have a small number of handmade items listed in the TwistGuild shop on If you like the handmade and unique in modern styles, please check out our offerings on that site. Sorry you cannot purchase the handmade through this website; it would be unfair to list handmade items on Etsy and then guide purchasers back to our website for the sale.




Ease is the extra bit of room in each size, so that clothes fit comfortably, without being too tight. However, some clothes are meant to fit snugly, (think bandage dresses, some sports clothes) others to be loose and slouchy (like big sweaters, caftans, jammies). What to do? As always, go by your own preferances, but the guide below may help a bit.

Negative ease: Some clothes, (those with spandex) are meant to fit tightly. You may even opt for a garment with measurements that might be 1-2" less than your own measurements. Keep in mind, though, that too much negative ease will create the appearance of "rolls". Not what anyone wants! In fact, in the interest of avoiding this, shapewear manufacuturers often recommend going a size larger, to ensure a smooth fit, A good general rule of thumb is that, negative ease is for clothing with a lot of spandex or items like blue jeans, that you might want to be tight. And to wear this look, it never hurts to be in great condition.

1" ease: Garment will fit snugly.

2" ease; Garment will fit, but not overly snugly.

3-4 " or more: This will give a loose slouchy fit, for example, sliding off the shoulder. This will be perfect for some sweaters or dresses meant to fall off the shoulder, but not so great for a tailored jackets or other tailored items. A tailored garment with too much ease will result in the Diane Keaton look, with overly big suits. As always, it depends on what look you would like.



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